Falafel $5.95

fried ground chickpeas with onions & herbs

Makanik $8.95

sausage of ground meat, pine nuts & spices

Kibbeh $6.95

cracked wheat dough filled with spiced meat, pine nuts & onions

Borak $6.95

fillo with feta cheese and parsley

Toshka $6.95

grilled pita stuffed with cheese

Arayes Cheese $5.95

grilled pita stuffed with cheese

Arayes Meat $5.95

grilled pita stuffed with meat

Eleyet Banadoura $9.95

meat & tomatoes

Arayes Sujok & Cheese $6.95

grilled pita stuffed with spicy sujok cheese

Foul $5.95

mixed lava beans with garlic, lemon juice & olive oil

Sujok $8.95

sautéed sausage of ground meat & spices

Chicken Wings $6.95

fried chicken wings

French Fries $3.95

Liver - Fried with Onions $9.95

fried liver cubes served with onions

Calamari $9.95

fried calamari served with our special sauce

Octopus Market Price

grilled octopus greek style

Sambousik $5.95

Eggplant Fatteh $4.95

egg with yogurt and pita

Eggs Omlette $5.95

with sojok or basturma

Fatteh with Meat $6.95

fall eh hummus with meat

Fatteh Hummus $7.95

chickpeas with meat, yogurt & fried pita

Fatteh Eggplant $7.95

eggplant, yogurt & fried pita