Hummus 5.95

chickpeas with sesame sauce, lemon juice & olive oil

Hummus with Meat 7.95

chickpeas with sesame sauce, lemon juice & meat

Baba Ghanouj 6.95

baked eggplant with sesame sauce & lemon juice

Labneh $5.95

yogurt spread with dry mint & olive oil

Muhamara $5.95

hot red peppers crushed with pine nuts

String Cheese $5.95

fresh mozzarella cheese

Chanklish $5.95

feta cheese, tomato, onion, parsley & olive oil

Eggplant Salad $6.95

baked eggplants with freshly diced red peppers & onions

Grape Leaves $6,95

hand rolled grape leaves stuffed with vegetables and rice

Basterma $6.95

middle eastern pastrami

Mortadella Halabi $5.95

middle eastern meat with spices

Tounge $8.95

marinated in our house special sauce

Kibbeh Neyeh $9.95

cracked wheat mixed with meat (served raw)

Habrat Nayeh $9.95

raw meat

Kufta Neyeh $9.95

raw meat with parsley and onion

Spinach Pie $4.95

White Cheese $7.95

Yogurt Cucumber $4.95

yogurt cucumber garlic mint